Dear readers,

Of course, the current conditions are not optimal and the board team from Gewerbeverein Babenhausen eV can imagine better things than to forego every party and, if possible, to stay at home and avoid crowds.

Sure, we could all whine now and blame the Chinese, the politicians, the doctors, the chemists, the vacationers, our city administration or the neighbour’s cat for the fact that a few restrictions are affecting our lives. We can look for someone to blame and rant over the garden fence with our neighbors that the Easter market has been canceled or the schools have been closed.

But none of it brings anything. Instead of hitting social media about the fact that some people are arguably more selfish than others and cause a certain mess by buying hamsters, we could just react to the whole situation with serenity. There’s no point in getting upset – it doesn’t change the situation and just makes the blood pressure rise uncomfortably. Think about how you could use this unfamiliar situation for yourself.

A walk in the fresh air is not only allowed, it also strengthens your own immune system. During these times, think of the medical staff, doctors, nurses and carers, social services and support centers, rescue workers in all areas, employees in pharmacies and also our many salespeople with gratitude and respect who keep everything running despite their own health risks and ensure that the supply continues.

Please do not make life unnecessarily difficult for these people and please be friendly, even if, for example, there is something that you would like to have not for sale. We all weather a crisis with prudence, not with panic. Please take care of yourself and stay healthy.