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Please don’t let up!

2021-03-01T10:16:57+01:001. March 2021|

Some tradespeople will finally be able to go back to work in the next week, others are still forced to inactivity. At this point, we would like to urgently ask you, dear readers: do not let up and continue to support the Babenhausen trade as best you can. Together, we will do it. Even if

Events 2021

2021-02-17T10:18:09+01:0017. February 2021|

Lassen Sie uns planen!Das letzte Jahr hat uns einige Einschnitte und Begrenzungen hinsichtlich vieler geplanten Veranstaltungen gebracht. Dieses Jahr erwarten wir zumindest für die Sommermonate wenigstens wieder das eine oder andere Fest – angepasst an Corona-Regeln, mit Hygienekonzept und Abstand.Einige Vereine sind jetzt schon kreativ und machen das Beste aus der aktuellen Situation – Kuchenverkauf

Jour-fix appointment with the mayor

2021-02-13T11:19:51+01:0013. February 2021|

Jour-fix appointment with the mayor At the beginning of March it will be that time again, the board team of the Babenhausen eV trade association meets with the mayor and the economic development agency for a discussion and exchange of current information and content about the trade and the companies in Babenhausen and its districts.

Corona offers not only for members of the trade association

2021-02-08T09:06:41+01:008. February 2021|

Dear readers, the first deals of our club members in the Corona time are on our side www.Gewerbeverein-Babenhausen.de  ready and the board team is so to speak “rifle at their feet” to receive further offers from our Club members to be deposited there. Here it is now “be quick” because the first members who want to take

Support for our members

2021-02-08T09:06:34+01:008. February 2021|

Since the end of the corona pandemic is not yet in sight, we are still counting on a few more months in these "special circumstances" and more and more resolutions by the federal government have drastically restricted business life in many parts or even came to a complete standstill, the board team has further plans

The new website is online!

2021-02-08T09:06:33+01:008. February 2021|

Now online! As announced in the last article, the Newly designed website from the Babenhausen eV trade association now online. In addition to the current information about the association, there is now a special Corona page on which our members special Actions during the Corona time can apply. Here you will find current offers and

Christmas lights taken down again – many thanks to the volunteers

2021-02-08T09:06:33+01:008. February 2021|

In many places January 6th is the date on which the Christmas decoration removed and the Christmas decorations brought back to the basement and safely stowed away until next December. This was done in downtown Babenhausen on January 9th. In perfect weather, the five volunteers (from left to right) Manfred Koch (Sickenhofen), Erhard Kattner (Kattner GmbH),

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