In many places January 6th is the date on which the Christmas decoration removed and the Christmas decorations brought back to the basement and safely stowed away until next December. This was done in downtown Babenhausen on January 9th. 

In perfect weather, the five volunteers (from left to right) Manfred Koch (Sickenhofen), Erhard Kattner (Kattner GmbH), Helmut Fendt (Fendt amusement company), Ralph Werner (Wiese optics) and Reinhard Geißler (Geißler scaffolding) were able to set up the Christmas lights in just over an hour properly detach and stow on the trailer. 

After the work was done, Markus Unger, the host of the “Hanauer Tor” restaurant, gave us a round of delicious chicken. These were eaten in the fresh air at corona-compliant intervals.

The Gewerbeverein Babenhausen thanks at the brisk troop for her tireless efforts to let our strolling alley shine in great lights every year at Christmas time. Without such a voluntary commitment, we in Babenhausen would otherwise have to do without Christmas lights for several years due to cost reasons.