Dear readers, 

the first deals of our club members in the Corona time are on our side  ready and the board team is so to speak “rifle at their feet” to receive further offers from our Club members to be deposited there. Here it is now “be quick” because the first members who want to take advantage of this publication will receive the Design and layout free of charge – The trade association is happy to take over here costs to its members too promote

But even if you decide to do so later, that Advantages of listing You can still live well with a contribution to expenses of 35 euros. Do you have any offers that might help other entrepreneurs during this time? Who would like to accept and use them as support? Or do you offer a special service and would like to make it known? Please contact us Executive [email protected]  in connection, we look forward to your feedback.
Another innovation on our revamped website is a Members area , on which we publish information exclusively for members of the trade association. Here our registered members can also find offers from members specifically for other members. This supply side will continue to exist after the lockdown, albeit over and over again customized offers . It pays to stop by more often. Sign up today!

A brief clarification: the easy readability of this text is due to the fact that we are on the correct gender form or on ongoing additions in brackets (m / f / d) have waived. This text should appeal to everyone and we don’t care what gender you are or how you would like to be addressed personally. We love everyone.

Stay healthy and please take care of yourself.