Jour-fix appointment with the mayor

At the beginning of March it will be that time again, the board team of the Babenhausen eV trade association meets with the mayor and the economic development agency for a discussion and exchange of current information and content about the trade and the companies in Babenhausen and its districts.

In this constellation, the group comes together for the first time; the board team is looking forward to talking to Dominik Stadler as our new mayor.

  • Is there from Babenhausen entrepreneurs Topics that we should discuss or clarify for you?
  • Is there something on your mind that needs clarification – perhaps even through official channels?
  • In which areas can the trade association support you and your company?

Please log in at Executive [email protected] with us, if it is within our possibilities, we will be happy to support you.

We would also like to refer you to our new website, which you can find under can achieve. Pay special attention to the newly designed Lockdown area , in which, as a member of the trade association, you will find a special platform for your advertising and offers.

To contact Please contact us if you would like to present your company there.