Some tradespeople will finally be able to go back to work in the next week, others are still forced to inactivity. At this point, we would like to urgently ask you, dear readers: do not let up and continue to support the Babenhausen trade as best you can. Together, we will do it.

Even if no or only a limited service “on site” can currently be provided due to the corona restrictions, it is still possible with most companies to purchase vouchers, order the goods by phone and then simply pick them up or deliver them allow.

Our gastronomy also offers a first-class delivery service with a large number of dishes and enhances many an evening with culinary delights. The hairdressing industry is already making appointments for the coming week, everyone is in the starting blocks and looking forward to welcoming you to their salons – of course, in compliance with all hygiene rules.

The board of directors of the Babenhausen eV trade association is looking forward to the fact that the Babenhausen trade will hopefully soon be at your disposal with all of its offers and services and we hope that you will continue to be favored by us.

Thanks for your support.